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m4 update

2011-02-20 10:10:05 by ILL-KILL-YOU-TOO

its been a year sine i bought her

m4 update

mmm sexy black betty

2010-05-03 14:22:58 by ILL-KILL-YOU-TOO

this is mah hottie black betty for the people who airsoft its a CA m15a4 PMC 2009 edition w/ 552 eotech a 150 lumen flashlight with a red dot laser and unknown brand m203

mmm sexy black betty


2010-02-17 05:19:53 by ILL-KILL-YOU-TOO

me filming peeps airsofting

/* */

i need a god damn partner for this bitch

(o Y o)

2009-12-27 09:33:08 by ILL-KILL-YOU-TOO

i fucking love them <3


2009-12-17 22:25:00 by ILL-KILL-YOU-TOO

my cock and ur pussy well make an awesome team :3

how long....

2009-11-14 03:21:49 by ILL-KILL-YOU-TOO

how long does it take to get scouted? o_O

sexy glock

2009-09-26 07:23:31 by ILL-KILL-YOU-TOO

Glock 18c with high cap mag and laser and light combo :D

i hope u like it

i feel good all my work is now going to be posted on the art thinger


2009-07-24 03:57:07 by ILL-KILL-YOU-TOO

taking a break on the request and work on animating...